Hired as a Senior Functional Analyst with General Dynamics
United States Air Force, E-9, Cyberspace Support Manager

Randy Hodges

I officially separated from the Air Force in July 2014, at which time I had already completed two weeks of training for a Financial Advisor role I accepted with First Command. By January 2015, I realized this job was a very poor fit for me. After a few more months, knowing that I wouldn’t grow to enjoy this type of work, I left First Command to search for a full-time role that was a better fit for me.

My biggest challenge was identifying a role that fit my interests and abilities, and then creating a tailored resume for those positions. During this time, I partnered with over a dozen transition assistance programs. While most delivered some assistance that was helpful, all fell short of the promises offered.

Once I partnered with Hire Heroes USA, I felt I was working with an organization that was truly interested in guiding me through the transition process. My Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist helped me build a high quality resume. Once I had an interview, he coached me on interviewing techniques and followed up with me during every step of the process.

Hire Heroes USA was the only transition assistance program that fully delivered on its promises. I credit much of my success to my Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist, who helped me land my current job as a Functional Analyst with General Dynamics. He went above and beyond to provide me the guidance I needed to put together a quality resume. He spent many overtime hours coaching me – even over holidays and during his travels – and, he regularly checked in to follow up with me. My Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist is a wingman and he had my six throughout the process.