Hired as an Operations Service Coordinator in Gilbert, AZ
United States Air Force E-7, Fuels Craftsman

USAFc1As I was preparing to leave the Air Force after 23 years, I thought my experience would speak for itself. Working in fuels required me to constantly interact with every branch of the military and civilian contractors on almost a daily basis. However, it was hard for employers to understand my customer service skills, because they assumed I was only working with internal customers within the military.

After I registered for services with Hire Heroes USA, my Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) helped me redo my resume in a more appealing and relatable format. He always made himself available to answer questions about my job hunting strategies and interviewing techniques, while providing tangible resources for me to reference. I also regularly received emails from my VTS about potential job opportunities, more than I knew what to do with!

It took a few months, but with the assistance and support from Hire Heroes USA, I was able to secure employment before my separation date. My VTS was fully engaged along the way, which gave me the motivation and confidence I needed to make the move into the civilian workforce. The team at Hire Heroes USA has my sincere gratitude for all their hard work.