Lynn Glover joined Hire Heroes USA in May as a Fellow with The Mission Continues. We took some time to speak with Lynn about her role at Hire Heroes USA and what she has gained from the experience.


Why did you choose to work at Hire Heroes USA for your fellowship?
Lynn: When I was looking for a host site for The Mission Continues Fellowship, I knew that I wanted to help children or veterans. I researched opportunities and initially had a difficult time locating something that I was not already involved in. I was given the suggestion to check out Hire Heroes USA. After looking into the organization, I was excited to select Hire Heroes USA as my host site for a six month fellowship.


What is your connection to the military? Why did you want to assist veterans?
Lynn: I served in the U.S. Navy as a Data Systems Technician and Fire Controlman for 20 years. I retired in 2008 and knew I wanted to continue serving the military in some way. I’m committed to giving back and continuing my mission to serve. Hire Heroes USA allows me to assist veterans as they come home looking for civilian employment. I enjoy having the opportunity to assist these men and women in their career transition.


What is your role at Hire Heroes USA?
Lynn: I work on the Outreach and Matching team at Hire Heroes USA. In my role, I am able to interact with veterans and spouses via email and phone as they navigate through their career transition.


What is your weekly time commitment to Hire Heroes USA?
Lynn: I work at Hire Heroes USA for 20 hours per week. Initially, I was worried that this would not provide me the opportunity to really make an impact; however, after I began personally assisting veterans and spouses I realized that I was making a difference in their transition.


How would you describe your experience thus far?
Lynn: My experience at Hire Heroes USA has been nothing less than fulfilling. Connecting with veterans and spouses looking for employment is exciting, but also quite heartbreaking. When I receive a call from a veteran or spouse saying that they secured employment and no longer need Hire Heroes USA’s services I am overjoyed, but I also receive hopeless calls from veterans and spouses that are having difficulty finding full-time employment to support their households. I come into work every day motivated to do my very best to successfully assist the men and women I work with to locate employment opportunities.


Do you have any final thoughts on your fellowship?
Lynn: All in all, my Mission Continues Fellowship at Hire Heroes USA is a rewarding experience that I will always cherish. The self-improvement is just one part. I have learned strategies to improve my resume and cover letter to enhance my competitiveness when I return to the job market. Another rewarding part of the experience is that I know I was involved in something bigger; Hire Heroes USA is something bigger.