Veterans’ ability to find jobs may get even tougher according to a Fox Business article published on March 21, despite the newest Department of Labor report that the post-9/11 unemployment rate has decreased slightly from 9.9% to 9%. Large government budget cuts will soon force even more veteran job-seekers to join the ranks of the civilian unemployed. Dan Goldenberg, Executive Director of Call of Duty Endowment, explains, “The most conservative estimates say 100,000 [service] members will involuntarily be let into the workforce, that is the best case scenario.”


So, as veterans enter the already tight job market they have to be strategic. One of the best ways to do this is to understand their skill-set in civilian terms and use that to identify realistic career opportunities that result in successful applications. At Hire Heroes USA, we have created a team dedicated to this task, and it has proven instrumental in veterans finding their next career.


Our Outreach and Matching team helps veterans round out their job search. Because we are dedicated to providing personalized assistance up until a job is secured, we do not just provide resume assistance and move on; rather, we work directly with veterans to identify open positions that align with their skills and experience gained in the military. Once a job has been identified our Outreach and Matching team recommends the following to every veteran:


  • You should not use the same resume for every application; always tailor your resume to the specific job description.
  • Research the market salary index of the position in your current location; decide if the salary allows you to meet your current financial obligations.
  • Always highlight your skills to the hiring manager; provide a cover letter detailing your experience compared to the position’s requirements.

It is easy to get overlooked in today’s applicant pools. By identifying jobs that match your skills and taking the proper steps when applying, you can increase the success of your applications.