2024 Marine Corps Marathon

Run, Walk, and Race to Support Veterans

Whether you’re an avid runner or new to endurance events, your involvement fuels our mission and promotes community support.

marathon runners in the city

October 27, 2024

Join Hire Heroes USA at the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) on October 27, 2024, in Arlington, VA, as we rally athletes to run and raise funds to support our mission. As an official charity partner of the MCM, Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to empowering veterans and their families through meaningful career transitions. By running with us, you’ll be part of a team that celebrates resilience, community, and the spirit of the “People’s Marathon.”

Our team will take on the marathon, 50K, and 10K events, providing a unique opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of our military heroes. Every step you take will help us provide vital career resources to veterans, ensuring they have the tools they need for successful civilian careers. Join us for this inspiring event and make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

To participate in the Marine Corps Marathon with Hire Heroes USA, each runner is required to fundraise the minimum amount below:

  • Marathon – $950
  • 50K – $1,200
  • 10K – $850
  • Paid race entry fee with a guaranteed entry
  • Exclusive team gear
  • Personalized fundraising support
  • Access to the official Hire Heroes USA booth at Charity Village before and after the race

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Success Story

Dave Palmer

As Dave approached his retirement in June, his journey from a distinguished military career to the civilian workforce was marked by anticipation and reflection. His discovery of Hire Heroes USA  through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) briefings proved to be a pivotal resource. Working with Jill, his transition specialist, Dave benefited immensely from her expertise in resume writing, which allowed him to translate his military accomplishments into a compelling civilian resume. This initial step laid the groundwork for Dave to present himself confidently to potential employers.

Beyond resume writing, the mentorship Dave received through Hire Heroes USA opened new horizons. Jill connected Dave with industry volunteers in the health and renewable energy sectors, providing him with valuable insights and networking opportunities that would have been challenging to secure independently. These interactions broadened Dave’s understanding of the civilian job market and established beneficial connections, underscoring the power of networking and mentorship in career transitions. For Dave’s wife, a special education teacher, the transition also presented an opportunity to advance her career, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of military families in navigating new professional landscapes.