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Maximizing the Job Board: Tips for Employers

Maximizing the Job Board: Tips for Employers

The Hire Heroes USA job board is a great place to find qualified veterans, who are ready to work and looking for the right career opportunity. However, the veteran community is only half of what makes our job board important. The other half is you – the employers that partner with Hire Heroes USA, furthering our mission to assist veterans and military spouses with obtaining employment in the civilian workforce.

One of the key benefits of being an employment partner with Hire Heroes USA, is that you can receive direct referrals of veteran clients who are potentially good fits for your positions. There are also tools on the job board that can help you find candidates for your job opening(s).

The following tips are to help you make the most of your employer account on our job board:

Make sure your Employer Profile is complete and visible

The Hire Heroes USA job board has an Employer Directory that is updated on a regular basis, to accurately reflect our partnerships with the hundreds of companies that use our platform. The Employer Profile is the perfect place to provide additional information and insight about your organization, as well as your company culture. You can post videos, multiple web links, and even your mission statement. You have control over whether your profile is visible to job seekers, or not. It is Hire Heroes USA’s recommendation that every company profile be made public, because that’s the only way the company will appear in the Employer Directory. Job seekers often use the directory to search for specific employers. Scrolling through the directory allows them to see which companies are partnered with Hire Heroes USA. Veterans and military spouses trust us to connect them with companies that seek their talent, so we do what we can to accurately reflect those partnerships.

Create job postings that are veteran-friendly

When military members and their families transition back into civilian life, it is often accompanied by fear and uncertainty, especially with regards to employment. If a veteran’s entire career and professional stems from his or her military service, they may be hesitant about how to start a job search, which jobs to apply for, and how to make their skills transferable to non-military positions. As the employer, you can help alleviate this stress by making sure your job postings include information that lets veterans know your company is open to the experience they have, you desire it, and you value it. This will provide them more confidence in applying to the career opportunities posted on the job board. Examples of this would be (if applicable):

You can even do something as simple as making sure your job posting clearly divides the qualifications into “Required” and “Preferred”.

Make the most of the resume database

The resume database is a key tool for employers on the Hire Heroes USA job board, and there are approximately 100 new profiles created every week. You can find thousands of veteran and military spouse profiles – each of them actively seeking employment from companies that are looking to hire solid, qualified people. By using the database filters, you can narrow down your search results to find the candidates you want and need for your open positions. Because of Hire Heroes USA’s vetting process, you can also be assured that the job seekers are transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses.

Provide feedback about your experience

As an employer, your experience using our job board is very important. If there is something you are either dissatisfied with, or thought was a great help to you, Hire Heroes USA wants to know about it! We want to bridge the gap between job-ready veterans and military spouses, and the companies that are interested in hiring them. Because of that, feedback about your user experience, suggestions for improvements, and anything else you want to share with us is always welcome.