maximizing our job board tips for job seekers

Maximizing the Job Board: Tips for Job Seekers

Maximizing the Job Board: Tips for Job Seekers

The Hire Heroes USA Job Board is a great resource for transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses. Besides the fact that you can search for jobs that are available through our partnered employers, you are also visible to companies that are actively searching for veteran talent to fill their open positions.

The Hire Heroes USA job board is niche – it’s only open to military members, veterans and military spouses. This means a smaller applicant pool, providing you a distinct advantage to showcase your skills and be seen by recruiters. The following tips are to help you make the most of your job seeker account within our job board. We want you to be successful in securing employment with a veteran-friendly company that will see the true value in hiring you.

Visit the job board on a regular basis

We all know that life happens and we get busy with things. But, if you’ve made the decision to find employment elsewhere, then a certain amount of time must be dedicated to your job search in order to be successful. Visiting the job board 2-3 times a week, at a minimum, provides you the necessary visibility on any new jobs that have posted in your area and desired career field. These visits are especially useful if you haven’t set up customized job alerts.

Prepare your profile to be viewed by employers

The Hire Heroes USA job board is not only a place for you to upload your resume, it’s also where you can build a profile to showcase your experience and skill set. You are more than just a sheet of paper with a list of transferrable skills and work experience. Veterans are educated, intelligent, versatile, disciplined, and so much more. Your profile page provides you a great opportunity for employers to see that. There, you can share your professional social media platforms, like LinkedIn. You are also able to post a photo to accompany your job board profile. It is important to remember that your profile photo should be clear, front-facing and professional. A simple headshot is ideal.

Utilize the customized job alerts

If your time is limited, the customized job alerts – that are offered on the job board – are a great option. With customized job alerts, you can have notifications sent you your email that can be as general or as specific as you want. You can customize them by keyword, job title, company, location, and job type, as well as deciding how often you want to be notified. If you don’t want to limit yourself, you can create multiple alerts, too. By giving yourself as much visibility as possible to the new jobs that are being posted on the job board, you won’t miss any opportunities.

Take Advantage of the Industry Resources Provided

In addition to the job postings, the Hire Heroes USA job board also provides job seekers with the following: information on veteran-friendly companies and what they are looking for; a highlighted list of job openings with our employment partners; guidance on what to do at career fairs, and so much more. It is important that you use the resources to the best of your ability, because the information has been specifically compiled for your benefit. Tips like proper etiquette, hiring processes within a company and sought-after skills/experience can be very helpful to your job search.