Military Spouse Volunteer Spotlight: Craig

May 2019 Spouse Spotlight Craig Wymer photoIn honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, our Volunteer Spotlight for May is Craig, an Army spouse. Craig is unique; he is a Hire Heroes USA volunteer and also used our services as a client. Craig has faced many of the same job search challenges that other military spouses experience. He knows the frustration of having to start over after each permanent change of station (PCS). Through it all, Craig has remained optimistic; he says that “I have grown through these experiences, and am a better professional from my interactions with clients and the Hire Heroes USA staff.”

As a volunteer, Craig assists clients with mock interviews and mentoring. He has even planned two fundraisers for Hire Heroes USA that raised several thousand dollars! “I enjoy helping others with their professional development, career changes, resumes, mock interviews, and representing Hire Heroes USA at fundraisers and community events,” he said. Because he is an Army spouse, he can empathize with the struggles that military spouses encounter and help them in a more personal way. Craig is also a major proponent of networking; he believes that meeting other professionals in person at local events is one of the best things a veteran or military spouse can do in their job search. When he’s working with a client, Craig will often seek out networking events in the client’s area to help them get started.

Craig knows firsthand what Hire Heroes USA can do for a client; “I know that the services that Hire Heroes USA provides… can help clients with the direction, coaching, and development that they need.” Through every move, every interview, and every event, Craig has remained a steadfast supporter for Hire Heroes USA and one of #AmericasMVPs.


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