LinkedIn is an invaluable asset to all you job seekers out there, providing you many unique features, including your own professional online resume, its own job board, a comprehensive company directory and more.

One feature you job seekers may not know about or have fully explored is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are free to join, and you can choose to join up to 50 groups from a list of thousands of user-created groups for literally just about anything.

While you should definitely join any and all groups connected to your college and/or graduate school, your professional organizations or other areas or industries of interest, here are the Top 20 LinkedIn Groups ALL Job Seekers MUST Join to help build their brands and launch their careers:

1.JobAngels – Non-profit job search network of professionals helping other professionals find job advice and opportunities.

2.Executive Suite – Community of over 100,000 US-based executive-level and recruiter members.

3.Star:Candidate for Hire – Group working in tandem with Linked: HR, the largest Recruiters