Kirk-Danley PhotoThis week is National Volunteer Week – a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Hire Heroes USA’s diverse team of volunteers. Our volunteers are vital to the success of our clients, providing mock interviews, mentoring, and guidance on the civilian job search process.

Kirk has volunteered with Hire Heroes USA for just a few months but has always looked for ways to help military members. When he learned of Hire Heroes USA, he says it was a no-brainer for him to volunteer his time.

So far, Kirk has assisted a wide variety of veterans looking to transition into civilian work and has found a great deal of personal satisfaction when he hears from a client that they aced an interview, got a job offer, or are negotiating multiple offers. He’s grateful for the veterans who served and those still serving our country and believes that they will be a great asset to any employer. “They are… self-starters, showing great respect, and following through,” he says. “I know they will produce for their next employers at a superior level.”

Kirk sees networking as a major benefit to his volunteer work: “We all know someone that knows someone that can provide these men and women with what they need, to conduct effective mock interviews, and to provide leads and advice within [a] specific industry.”

Q: What would you tell others about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA?

“Hire Heroes USA makes volunteering very easy: you simply let them know how many hours per week or month you have available for phone calls and what times are convenient and Hire Heroes USA does the rest. After a quick review of the service member’s resume (prepared by Hire Heroes USA) and career interests, a phone call provides a dialogue that ranges from mock interviews to advice on salary negotiations, to known opportunities and potential leads. I hope that the number of volunteers continues to rise to help show our support for today’s heroes.”

Join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week by becoming a volunteer today!