WEATHERFORD, Texas (September 18, 2012) – Independent Texas recording artist Jack Doyle (Jack County Music), in association with Winners Circle Country Music Publishing, announced that he will be donating a significant percentage of gross proceeds from the sale of his song “Love Isn’t All You Need” to Hire Heroes USA.


When asked about the motivation to write this important song, veteran Jack Doyle replied, “I had been watching the news about the lack of decent jobs and talking with a lot of friends that I know, some of which are veterans. I decided it was time to write something real about what is going on in America, something that might make a difference. The song talks about not enough jobs, poor paying jobs, too many jobs going overseas; all real things that impact veterans and their families. The opportunity to join hands with Hire Heroes USA with this song is a blessing.”


Gus Wolman, owner, Winners Circle Country Music Publishing, was quoted as saying “it is an honor to work with Jack Doyle and Hire Heroes USA in an ongoing effort to help veterans and their families. My father, Col. Gus A. Wolman, Jr., is now in heaven after serving 32 years in the Army smiling, as is my mother, Yvonne C. Wolman, having given so much in support of my father, our family and our country.”


Every digital download of the song ‘Love Isn’t All You Need’ donates to the programs and services of Hire Heroes USA.


Click here to purchase the song from iTunes.