Reflections of a Woman Veteran

Reflections of a Woman Veteran

Dear Friend,

I am immensely passionate about employment issues facing women veterans because I am one. 

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be in the Navy,  just like my grandpa. I worked hard through high school and college, and became just the fourth female aboard my first ship. I served proudly for ten years in the Navy, and planned to make it my career; that plan was abruptly changed when I received an unexpected cancer diagnosis that cut my military career short. 

After being medically retired, I was unwillingly thrust into the role of both a woman veteran and a military spouse–forced to change jobs in a new city, with no connections. I felt lost and intimidated by this unknown landscape, and–as qualified as I was–spent eleven long months unemployed. 

I didn’t know an organization like Hire Heroes USA existed at that time–I didn’t know that there was a whole team of supporters who longed to see me succeed, personally and professionally. I struggled to find my way on my own, then made it my mission to make sure that those after me don’t bear the same burden. 

You can help, too. By generously giving today, you can empower a woman veteran who honorably served her country and is looking for a new post-military career right now. 

Trust me, she needs your support. 

With Gratitude,

Erin Johnson

Director of Growth at Hire Heroes USA

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