Reflections of a Woman Veteran

We are only as memorable as the stories we share. Maybe that’s why employment is so important. When our family and friends have heard our tales of deployment and diplomacy, of happiness and happenstance, and of life and loss, we tend to fall into repeat, living the same stories of days better past. Employment after military service is a new journey, a new chance to walk a path of wonder. Jobs, employment, changes – call it what you like- make for great stories. I can find myself in a new company, with my stories I have earned so well, and I can merge them – becoming both a veteran and a civilian. I can find more life when the journey seems to end. I can make new friends with new knowledge. I can become a new story without losing myself.

This is why Hire Heroes USA works. They are the makers of stories, of new chapters in a life that is primarily military. They are the weavers of experience and potential, writing my resume and giving guidance in volunteering and career counseling. They draw the road map, pointing me in the right direction and providing me with course corrections as needed. They are the hand that is there to hold my own as I tell my new tale. They are the pen to my paper of employment.

Want to be a story maker? Volunteer to give guidance, to interview, and even to help with LinkedIn. You can even donate to support the stories of veterans and military spouses. Don’t just hear the tale, be apart of it. 

Micah Taylor

Idaho Area Manager, Hire Heroes USA