Reflections of a Military Spouse

Reflections of a Military Spouse

During my husband’s second deployment I was trapped in a boring desk job in Pittsburgh. My husband decided to pursue a career with the Pennsylvania State Police when he returned home and I saw a move out of the city as a way out of my career rut. I found Hire Heroes USA shortly after beginning my job search. My criteria for a new job were fairly strict: I wanted to work from home and utilize my college degree, which I had just earned 6 months prior. I was matched with Kelly Kelly who worked as my transition specialist. She called frequently to check in on my job search, tailored my resume to what employers really wanted to see, and kept a close eye out for jobs that might interest me.

Fast forward a year and I was starting to lose hope as I struggled to get attention from employers due to my lack of experience. I was now newly pregnant and just about to give up and accept a job offer in an office an hour away from home when Kelly told me about Patriot Advantage! I submitted my application and the rest is history. I’ve been with Patriot Advantage for almost a year now!

It was Kelly’s determination and perseverance that found me my dream job that met all of my criteria. She knew exactly what I needed and wanted, kept me involved in the process and convinced me not to give up when I explained my concerns to her. After over a year of working together, she never gave up on me! Since being hired with Patriot Advantage almost a year ago, I still keep in contact with Kelly. She checks in from time-to-time and we follow each other on Instagram where we share excitement over Pennsylvania native cuisine (she’s a PA native too!) and struggles of military life.

– Ivy, Military Spouse

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