Reflections of a Supporter

Reflections of a Supporter

Kirk standing on Mt. Suribachi in 2019.

I was drawn to Hire Heroes USA after an exhaustive search of various military charities, as I believed they would provide the opportunity for me to most effectively donate my time to our service members.  If I were in construction, I’d build homes for wounded vets, but I work in an office setting. I found the best use of my knowledge and ability was to assist active duty military members and veterans with mock interviews, career counseling sessions, salary negotiation advice, and any other questions they may have about civilian job opportunities.

I have found Hire Heroes to be exceptional at what they do for our veterans, and I enthusiastically support them both with my time and financial donations, and encourage others to do so as well.

I’ve worked with dozens of members of the military over the past year with a wide variety of both ranks and plans for their futures. Some are clear on what they want to do next and might have just a few questions about interviewing or salary negotiation, while others have known only the military for their entire adult lives and are approaching retirement without much certainty as to what they want to do in civilian life. I have also worked with military spouses trying to overcome the constant geographic moves to still build their careers or start small businesses, as well as veterans who last served in uniform decades ago looking for contacts within a certain industry.

It is incredibly rewarding when service members call or text to let me know they made it to the next round of interviews, landed the job or negotiated a higher salary. It is truly a privilege to have the opportunity to play a small role in helping our brave troops with the next chapter in their lives, and to show them how much we civilians appreciate what they do for us.

– John “Kirk” Danley, Hire Heroes USA Supporter 

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