Reflections of a Transition Specialist

Reflections of a Transition Specialist


I’ve been full circle. After 22 years of serving in the Army, I transitioned my 13 years of recruiting experience to helping veterans, like myself, land civilian jobs.

As an Army Recruiter, I witnessed service members tasked to find meaningful employment leave the military with no direction. Like many other veterans, I struggled to find a civilian career. Thankfully, I came across Hire Heroes USA in 2018. I signed up for services and began my search for a career. Fortunately, my Transition Specialist saw something in me and insisted that I apply to be a part of the organization. Today, I work as a Transition Specialist. 

Hire Heroes USA’s mission is to empower military members, veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. In that mission, I found my passion. 

Veterans are not given the necessary information and resources to thrive after leaving the military. Helping veterans plan for success after service gives them the time they need to maintain work-life balance and reduce stress and anxiety during their job search. Most of Hire Heroes’ team are veterans themselves or the family member of a service member who have had firsthand experience with the military transition. Veterans are often forgotten, but Hire Heroes USA provides full-service assistance and a positive atmosphere to allow veterans to succeed. 

Hire Heroes USA has made a positive impact in my life and I am certain we will continue to impact the lives of others.


As a veteran Transition Specialist, I see the impact and importance of Hire Heroes USA while serving my clients. This program provides liaison from military to the civilian world. During my transition, I didn’t use a company like Hire Heroes USA; I suffered many frustrating and upsetting moments professionally before finding any sense of success after service.

I am in full support of this organization and you should be too. Without question, our veterans are far too often forgotten. They sacrifice everything with little to show for it in return. Hire Heroes USA continues to improve the transition process by empowering veterans with the tools and skills to be successful in the civilian sector.

We provide them with valuable resources for long term success and help them position themselves to succeed. Supporting Hire Heroes USA is supporting our veterans.

Volunteer, donate and share the word to help this program continue changing lives one veteran at a time!

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