Success After Service for Paul White

Our 50,000th Confirmed Hire

When Paul White first signed up for free career services with Hire Heroes USA, his future was uncertain. For the first time since he joined the Army in 2003, he didn’t know what was coming next. Not only was Paul about to leave behind the stability of a military career , but he was entering an economy struggling to navigate a global pandemic.

“It was overwhelming,” Paul shared. “Knowing that in the next 90 to 180 days, you’re about to get out and this has been your life for all these years. You just don’t really know where to start and that’s what leads to that overwhelming feeling.”

Luckily, his Transition Specialist was there to help Paul find his path to success. And little did either of them know at the time, but Paul’s success would mark a milestone achievement for both himself and the organization. His new position as a general engineer with the U.S. Air Force’s 49th Civil Engineer Squadron would be the 50,000th confirmed hire in our organization’s history, a milestone 15 years in the making.

In 2005, it started with one. U.S. Army Sergeant Justin Callahan was severely injured in a landmine explosion while on patrol in Afghanistan. Back home as a patient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he met MedAssets CEO John Bardis. The two formed an immediate bond, and Bardis learned that Callahan’s biggest concern, despite his injuries, was finding employment. After offering Callahan a job on the spot, he was inspired to create Hire Heroes USA.

From Justin to Paul, our organization remains committed to empowering all veterans and their spouses to find success in the civilian workforce. For Paul, it meant having the right resume to market himself to employers and the self-assurance that he was prepared for the next chapter.

“Through [Hire Heroes USA], they allowed me to have that confidence going into a new career. I honestly believe in my heart that if I had not had the chance to work with Hire Heroes USA, I don’t think I would have that same confidence,” Paul explained.

Paul’s new career will not just provide him a salary and a new purpose, it also allows his family to rest easy knowing what was next for them.

“My wife and kids, they’re super happy,” Paul said. ”All these years, they’ve followed my career in the military.  And now we’re actually going to plant some roots here in New Mexico, it’s a blessing.”

Paul’s accomplishment is one of 50,000 examples of success after service. We are proud of each and every service member, veteran and military spouse who has used our services to build a bright future over the last 15 years. We look forward to serving and empowering tens of thousands more.

If you’re a transitioning service member, veteran or military spouse who feels stuck in your job search, we can help. Click here to learn more and get signed up to be matched with your own Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist.