As part of Hire Heroes USA’s focus on women who serve – and have served – in the U.S. Armed Forces, we’ve reached out to female veterans who already have jobs in the civilian workforce. Of those who responded, a sizable majority of them are military spouses, too. One of the questions we asked them was this:



U.S. Marine Corps E-6

My military service has contributed to my success in the civilian workforce in many different ways –  especially in the areas of teamwork and leadership. The discipline and reliable work ethic developed during my time in the military has helped me adapt more quickly to new environments and maintain a positive attitude despite setbacks. My work with diverse groups of people – in a variety of leadership positions – has also given me the ability use a flexible communication style that is both candid and direct.  I can also attribute my attention to detail and focus on process improvement to the experience given to me by the Marine Corps.

DoD Photos SAS6U.S. Army E-4

It has given me strength and determination to continue on – even though I may not ‘feel’ like it or not be excited about it. It taught me commitment to my job and how to continue to work towards something better. Because of my time in the military, those roadblocks that everyone reaches in their career…. I look at them as challenges – and think and plan different ways to overcome them, and make sure I have a backup plan.

U.S. Air Force E-5

The leadership and teamwork that I learned in the military continues to help me in my civilian career. I am also great in any work emergency!

U.S. Navy E-7

My military service really paved a pathway for my current position in the civilian workforce. The military provided structure and I was given distinct expectations at every rank. I learned the basic skills of a Hospital Corpsman early on but then continued to develop into a leader. I acquired the skills of customer service and professionalism in a medical atmosphere. I learned to listen and communicate to patients, peers, and subordinates with various personalities – from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. The military made me accountable through the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and I developed my work ethic around those core values. In my current position I continue to uphold those values as an asset to the team and be accountable to my job description. I am comfortable and confident in providing feedback or offering new ideas to increase productivity in my current position because of the challenges I endured throughout my Naval career.

U.S. Air Force E-3

It gave me a disciplined approach to working that helps in the civilian workforce.

U.S. Army E-5

My military service has given me a strong work ethic and dedication to the work that I do. It also brought me out of my shell and taught me to be a bit more confident. Before, I was scared to try new things – but the military taught me to be strong and independent.

DoD Photos SAS4_copyU.S. Air Force E-5

The military has contributed to my success in many different aspects of my life, and not just what has made me successful in the civilian workforce. The military taught me to mature a lot faster than my peers, to be independent, to work under pressure, to be able to handle that pressure and know that everything you do impacts the world in some way or another, and – most importantly – impacts our nation.  More specifically, the military helped me achieve two Associates Degrees and a Bachelor’s degree. Currently, the military is still helping me by allowing me to utilize the Post 9/11 GI Bill for my Master’s degree. During my time in the military, I was hand-selected to be an instructor for my job in the military and to teach a certified course for specific career fields in the military. It allowed me to travel all around the world and learn about many different cultures and how the military works within the different countries to help support them – and the support they provide to us.  The military taught me to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone, to be confident, to be a leader, and to consistently challenge myself to learn new things.  With these many different contributions, I have been able to take each one and apply to my life and within my career in the civilian workforce

U.S. Army O-3

I’m utilized for fast paced projects with many layers of executives involved. I’m also utilized for strategic vision throughout our Division. I learned to work with all types of people while in the military – that has made me incredibly versatile and flexible for any type of project.

U.S. Air Force E-4

The structure I had in the military helped me with focusing on what I wanted to do. It gave me the confidence and drive to pursue the job I now have but recognizing small steps were needed along the way.

U.S. Army E-6

Leadership is the top military asset that has helped in all the roles that I have had since leaving the military. Having a specialty that I could use outside the service comes in second.

U.S. Air Force E-5

It has given me the background to research and be confident in my abilities. I learned that I can set a goal and achieve the goal.

U.S. Air Force O-4

Each day, I proudly “accessorize” my outfit with two items: 1) nametag and 2) pin.  According to my nametag, I am a Realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker.  However, more importantly is the pin I wear above that nametag — my retirement pin that proudly represents my 24 years of military service.  During my career, I had the opportunity to serve as an AFROTC Instructor. I vividly recall one of the lessons where we were discussing military ethics. I shared statistics from the annual Gallup Poll, where the public was surveyed to rank their perception of the most, and least, honest and ethical career fields. Ranking in the top were nurses, clergy and doctors, while — at the very bottom — salespeople (including, real estate agents)!  I strongly believe that because of my military service, and the core values that are instilled in me, it has helped me earn trust with potential clients while now serving in an industry that is associated with a negative perception.


Hire Heroes USA’s #SuccessAfterService initiative coincides with Women’s History Month