“Make Your Experience Help a Veteran” says Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Anthony Giordano

Anthony Giordano

“It seems obvious to me that those who are willing to put their lives on the line are deserving of all the help the rest of us can give,” said Hire Heroes USA volunteer Anthony Giordano. “Sometimes we can meet someone and in one hour make a real difference in his life.”

As someone who has been making a difference in people’s lives for decades, Anthony knows what it takes to support those who need it: connection.

“When I volunteer I like to actually connect with those I hope to help,” he said. “Hire Heroes USA’s experience is a one-on-one type of involvement where I get to help a specific veteran in a mock interview situation and then chat with the veteran about the type of position that he/she is going for.  Those veterans I have had the opportunity to work with have not had a great deal of work experience in the civilian environment. Since I have had a number of jobs in my life, it’s great to be able to give someone an idea not only of the interview process, but also what the actual job might be like.”

Anthony was an English teacher for 25 years and recently connected with a Hire Heroes USA client who was having a hard time finding a teaching position. During their mock interview, Anthony noticed that the veteran didn’t have a good grasp on grammar rules, even though his grammar was very good when speaking.

“I offered to chat with him over the phone when he has time so that he could strengthen that aspect of the interview process,” said Anthony. “It is going well. He has a family, a job, and is still in the reserves so we try to fit in the phone calls when we can.”

They’ve been in regular contact since February and the veteran says that Anthony has been a big influence in his motivation and confidence.

When asked about what he would share with someone who is thinking about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA, Anthony is clear:

“Think about the last seven days. Was there one hour during that time that, from the comfort of your own home, could have been used to possibly change a life? You have something valuable to offer – your experience – to our veterans. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to volunteer but might not have a great deal of time to spare or might be homebound. In my case, I am often busy with other projects but this system allows me to help out and not commit to an extensive schedule.”

Anthony has a lot going on so he knows what he’s talking about; he volunteers at his church and at a local library to teach English as a Second Language; he even does some acting in off Broadway theatres in New York City!

“Don’t let your experience die with you,” he said. “Make it help a veteran find a better life.”