Volunteer Spotlight: Deontrez

Giving back to an organization that helped you get to where you are now is noble. At Hire Heroes USA, we celebrate those who have used our free employment services and volunteer to give back. Deontrez is one of them. He is a retired Army Sergeant First Class who enjoys helping other veterans and military members.  

Why do you volunteer with Hire Heroes USA? 

“When I entered the workforce after retirement, I thought finding a job would be easy. Unfortunately, this was not the case! I attended TAP (Transition Assistance Program) and other employment workshops, but the overall hiring process was overwhelming. I didn’t realize how complex navigating the job market is. I was paired with a Transition Specialist and he was very helpful. He revamped my resume and provided additional transition tips. The help didn’t stop with just my resume. Hire Heroes USA assisted during my interview process, as well. A Hire Heroes USA volunteer conducted a mock interview with me, and that provided the confidence I needed to be successful.”

Once he got into the workforce, Deontrez wanted to find a way to give back to other service members and veterans who were navigating the job market. He felt that since Hire Heroes USA had assisted him with his transition, he’d ask to become a volunteer.

Q: What would you tell someone about Hire Heroes USA who has never heard of us?

“Helping other veterans gives me a great sense of satisfaction and I am grateful that Hire Heroes USA has provided me with the opportunity to give back. If you are looking for a meaningful way to spend your time, volunteer with them now!”

Register to become a volunteer by click this link: