Volunteer Spotlight: Dustin

Hire Heroes Volunteer, Dustin.

When Dustin prepared to separate from the Air Force in 2013, he turned to Hire Heroes USA for support. He worked with his Transition Specialist for three years until he found the success he was seeking in the civilian workforce. Today, he’s paying it forward as a Hire Heroes volunteer. “Volunteering with HHUSA lets me escape from behind my computer and interact with people from all over the country,” Dustin explained. “Being able to give back to the organization that helped me and to add my own experiences to the lessons I learned makes me happy to volunteer.” Since joining the Volunteer Team, Justin has invested nearly 12 hours to help fellow servicemen and women navigate the federal job search process. “I knew that I had learned things that could be shared, but couldn’t figure out how. An email from HHUSA inviting me to an alumni event made me realize I could further my career without having to step down. Volunteering makes me feel like what I do has value.”

Transitioning service members and military spouses have a lot of questions about navigating the modern job search: what is it really like to work in finance? Am I a good fit for a management position? How is HR different in the civilian world? How do I communicate the value of my military experience to a civilian hiring manager? How long should I expect the selection process to take?

Hire Heroes Volunteers lend their time and expertise to answer these questions with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and their own direct experience.  We’re grateful to have volunteers like Dustin who share what they’ve learned so others can find support and success in their job search.

Thank you for being on our team, Dustin!

Make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses by becoming a Hire Heroes USA volunteer today!