Volunteer Spotlight: Erica

Volunteer Spotlight: Erica

In the past two years, Erica has dedicated over 50 volunteer hours to Hire Heroes USA. Working with our clients on their job search, Erica brings a unique perspective as both a recruiting professional and military spouse. “I enjoy talking with clients and try to give them new insights,” Erica shared. “Even if it’s just one thing, they will walk away with that and it’ll stick with them.”

Her career in Talent Acquisition allows her to dive deeper into the hiring process. She prepares veterans and military spouses with information on how to negotiate salary, get interviews, and determine the best content for a strong resume. Erica enjoys using her professional experience to give back to the military community: “Helping transitioning service members and spouses find meaningful work is something I am very passionate about because it’s fulfilling and meaningful work.”

We asked Erica why she enjoys volunteering with Hire Heroes USA and she explained, “I can bring a unique perspective, not only as a military spouse myself, but as a talent acquisition professional who spent several years reading, reviewing, and selecting resumes. I’ve always felt that I can help answer candidate’s questions about the hiring process.” 

In this season of thanksgiving, we are extra grateful to have Erica on our team. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise so graciously with Hire Heroes USA!

Make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, like Erica, by becoming a Hire Heroes USA volunteer today!

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