Photo Jim and Ruth

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are highlighting a couple who volunteers together to show veterans how much they care. Jim and Ruth have been married for 40 years and began volunteering with Hire Heroes USA in 2017. They have helped many veterans since then and have so far spent over 20 hours volunteering. Often they will take on mentoring sessions jointly, which is a real benefit to clients since they have a combined 60 years of experience within the information technology field. Their wealth of experience enables them to encourage our clients to see a bigger picture of how their experience translates to jobs in the civilian workforce.

Q: Why do you volunteer with Hire Heroes USA?

Of all the people in this country that need help and support (and there are many), Jim and I count veterans among the most deserving of groups.  They have made sacrifices that few of us have ever made – many of them voluntarily – and so they are the 1% of the American populace that truly deserve our respect and honor.  We felt that we needed to do more than simply thank our veterans for their service, and volunteering with Hire Heroes USA is one small way that we can attempt to pay back a debt that cannot be ever fully repaid. 

We enjoy our counseling sessions and mock interviews with our clients and find it truly rewarding to assist them with a leg up and hopefully move them closer to finding employment in their chosen fields.  Every single client we’ve spoken with has impressed us with their dedication, and we’ve found their unique backgrounds offer prospective employers a set of skills that can be applied to their career pursuits in so many ways.

We’re looking forward to assisting these remarkable people for many years to come.

You can show your #LoveForVets by making a gift to Hire Heroes USA! Help us support veterans and military families with your contribution toward free, professionally-written resumes, career coaching and mentoring.