Volunteer Spotlight: Kailah

Kailah has been an active volunteer at Hire Heroes USA since 2017. She served in the National Guard and Army Reserve for a combined total of 10 years. Now, she works at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command with the E-Intern Program. Service runs deep for Kailah; many of her family members are veterans and her husband also served. Over the last two years, Kailah has helped many veterans and military spouses transition into the civilian workforce. In her role as a volunteer, she provides career coaching and mock interviews, particularly for clients interested in landing federal jobs. Kailah continues to use her resources and experience in recruiting veteran talent to support Hire Heroes USA clients.

Q: Why do you volunteer with Hire Heroes USA? “I volunteer because I have been on all sides of the veteran equation. I am a veteran and I am the spouse and family member of veterans. I have been hired under my veteran status in the private and public sector, and I have been part of the hiring process where I specifically look to recruit veteran talent. I want to help our clients because I wish I had a mentor or counselor who had known as much as I and all of our volunteers know about the opportunities available and how the process may work for them.”

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