Volunteer Spotlight: Kaile

Kaile is a military spouse and Wellness Coach who has been volunteering with Hire Heroes USA since 2016. She believes the volunteer program with Hire Heroes USA to be a rewarding experience and is excited to speak with new and unique clients. “I’m extremely fortunate to not only work in a position that I love, but also for a company that encourages and empowers me as a military spouse. I want to do everything I can so that others can find the same success and support,” she said. Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA is flexible, allowing Kaile to easily help clients from home. She says “I appreciate the flexibility – I’m able to volunteer at a time that is convenient for me.” With 42 volunteer hours completed, she has helped more than 20 veterans and military spouses in their job searches.

She says that this story perfectly describes why she volunteers with Hire Heroes USA:

“[I received a phone call] from a military veteran that was going for a promotion at his job. Almost two years after initially talking to him, he called to ask if I would do another mock interview, saying that he found the first one so helpful in securing his current position he wanted to go into his next interview just as prepared and confident. Of course, I said yes and we scheduled a time to prepare for his upcoming interview. Knowing that just one hour spent with someone made such an impact that they thought to call me two years later to help again blew me away. It made me realize that I can, and do, make a difference and it only encourages me to help many more people.”

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