Volunteer Spotlight: Libby

Volunteer Libby vow renewal

By volunteering, Libby helps our clients overcome some of the same challenges she faced as a military spouse.

Libby is the spouse of an active duty Navy pilot. She serves as an Attorney Advisor with the Department of Veterans Affairs and is also on the board of the Military Spouse J.D. Network. After relocating for her husband’s career, she thought, “I want to pass along that advice and motivation I had to other military families.”

Three years later, Libby has helped 19 veterans and military spouses working with Hire Heroes USA. Being a military spouse, Libby understands the challenges our clients are facing because she has experienced them first-hand.

“I’ve struggled with my own career continuity due to licensing and relocation challenges,” Libby said. “Fortunately, I found great mentors and received valuable advice along the way to keep me motivated until I found my current job that is both meaningful and portable – the military spouse jackpot!”

Q: Why do you volunteer with Hire Heroes USA?

“I volunteer with Hire Heroes USA because I understand the struggles of the job hunt. It takes courage to continue putting yourself out there for jobs after repeated rejections. It takes courage to be the new kid in town (again). It takes courage to survive yet another deployment while balancing child care with the demands of a new job. I want to help people and be the mentor that I had when I needed to stay motivated.”

Register to become a volunteer by click this link: bit.ly/HHUSAVolunteerApp