Alumni Profile: Brandon

Each quarter, we highlight a different member of our alumni community. When you’re a Hire Heroes USA alumnus, we celebrate your victories and help you find long-term success in your civilian career. This quarter, meet Bandon.


Military Connection: Brandon grew up in Cumming, Ga. where he attended high school with his future wife. Upon graduation he joined the Marine Corps serving over five years as an IT Specialist. After service, he decided to attend college at Kennesaw State where he majored in Information Technology. 

Career Background: While attending Kennesaw State after he left the Marines, Wal-Mart hired Brandon as a technician. He then secured a position as an Information Technology Specialist with the Southern Dental Alliance for the remainder of his time in school. One year after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he started his current position as a System Engineer for the Universal Alloy Corporation. Brandon is also leader in his community with F3, a men’s fitness group made up of more than 2,000 local members. Addditionally, he volunteers with Holiday Lights of Hope and Wreaths Across America. 

Experience with Hire Heroes USA: Brandon joined the Marine Corps right after high school, so he was unfamiliar with how write a resume, network or prepare for an interview. He registrered for our services in 2019, when he was ready to begin searching for a new position after graduation. He participated in several mock interviews to prepare for new positions and learned how to network to further his career. 

Alumni Involvement: Brandon used his networking skills to leverage our Alumni network to find his current position. He also utilized our partnership with Coursera to take courses to advance his career. 

Most Important Career Advice: Bandon encourages other veterans and military spouses to take time to think about their future career when they transition. He advises others to research potential carers and to not accept the first opportunity that comes along. Above all, consider taking a position that is the right fit for you, your family and your aspirations. Additionally, make an effort to connect within your community and support system upon separation. 

Brandon and his family

Professional Goals: Brandon has aspirations to become Senior Systems Engineer or move into Management. He is working on these goals by researching technical certifications and pursuing promotions. 

What are you most proud of since leaving the military? Brandon worked his way through college to earn his degree and advance his career, but his family is his primary motivation for his success. Brandon is proud of his family. He and his wife (who also happens to be a Transition Specialist at Hire Heroes USA) adopted a beautiful baby girl. 

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