Alumni Spotlight: Haley

Each quarter, we highlight a different member of our alumni community. We want to celebrate your victories and help you find long-term success in your civilian career. As part of the military community, we continue to root for our brothers and sisters’ achievements after service. This quarter, meet Haley.

Hire Heroes USA Alumni Member and Volunteer Haley Ramirez

Military Connection: Haley is a former military spouse and understands that while this includes opportunities, it also brings challenges that can impact a military spouse’s career.

Career Background: Haley is a school counselor at BASIS Independent Manhattan in New York City. Before moving to New York, Haley and her husband were based in Georgia and in Kansas. Haley completed her Master of Science in Counseling and Student Development and obtained her Professional Counselor license at Kansas State University.

Current Position: School Counselor 

Experience with Hire Heroes USA: Haley was a Hire Heroes USA client when her husband transitioned out of the military. She worked with her Hire Heroes USA Transition Specialist to build a clean, professional resume and to write professional cover letters. Haley also took advantage of Hire Heroes USA’s interview preparation resources to build her confidence and gain valuable feedback.

Alumni Involvement: After settling in NYC, Haley wanted to give back to Hire Heroes USA after working with us. She recently completed training to serve as a Hire Heroes volunteer, and has already spent 15 hours working with Hire Heroes USA clients. She also recognized the opportunity to stay connected to the Hire Heroes USA alumni network as a helpful support system that understands military spouse culture.

Most Important Career Advice: Don’t limit yourself. You might not be ready for something until you actually do it. Think big, and you will rise to the occasion.

Professional Goals: Haley has ambitions of getting her Ph.D. She also enjoys the career counseling opportunities through Hire Heroes USA and is excited to continue to help other military spouses and veterans achieve their professional goals.

If you’re a Hire Heroes Alumnus and you’d like to learn more about additional services, volunteer opportunities or the chance to share your story, visit the Alumni page and email Matt Kohler to get started: [email protected].