Alumni Profile: Robert

Each quarter, we highlight a different member of our alumni community. We want to celebrate your victories and contribute to your long term career success. We served together in the military and we continue to root for our brothers and sisters’ achievements after service. Read on to meet Robert and learn more about his military experience and where he is today.

Military Background: Robert retired from the Navy after 20 years of service. During his time in uniform, he was an IT professional focusing on cybersecurity and project management. As a Naval Officer, he participated in the hiring process. As he prepared for life after retirement, Robert used Hire Heroes USA as a resource in his job search, obtaining his current position through a Hire Heroes referral in December of 2019.

Career Background : I’ve volunteered with local libraries and museums as part of a local club, have advised fellow IVMF/O2O on preparing for certification exams, (while not volunteer work) I have mentored junior officers on military careers for the past 10 years

Current Position: I am the Director of Navy’s Blue Team. My current role is a federal position and I’m responsible for conducting vulnerability assessments, cyber hardening, analyzing advanced cyber threats, and continuously monitoring the Navy’s networks in order to reduce risk to the Department of Defense Information Networks. 

Experience with Hire Heroes USA: My Transition Specialist, James, was the most helpful. I did mock interviews and got the right resume. My wife is currently working with Hire Heroes and she noticed an immediate difference in her job search once she started working with a Transition Specialist.

Alumni Involvement:  I’ve gotten involved as a volunteer, mentoring other veterans in their career transition. I enjoyed mentoring in the service and after going through Hire Heroes services as a client, I was excited to volunteer and mentor others. I’ve kept up with webinars and newsletters, too. Outside of Hire Heroes, I’ve volunteered with local libraries and museums as part of a local club. I’ve also advised fellow IVMF/O2O chort members preparing for certification exams.

Most Important Career Advice: Don’t be complacent. Continue to learn and grow professionally, even if you are in your dream job.

What I’ve Learned: Personally, I enjoyed mentoring while in uniform, especially being able to help others make progress in their career and see their success. I considered this a need of my own during my career transition. I participated in a volunteer session while I was a client and I really benefited from the session, so I wanted to pay it forward.

I have actually learned a lot being a volunteer and connecting with people across the different branches and with different levels of civilian experience. Each conversation has helped me learn and understand where my  expertise and knowledge can make a difference.

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