Hired as a Master Planner at the Directorate of Public Works, United States Army, O-5, Engineer

Military members, particularly careerists like myself, truly believe in selfless service and do not always think of themselves. When it came time to make my transition, it was a challenge to change that military mindset. I could not truly capture my accomplishments and articulate them in a meaningful way so that those in the civilian sector could understand.

Hire Heroes USA provided the one-on-one mentorship that sets it apart from other employment transition assistance programs. The personal attention and focus helped me understand the techniques for converting raw accolades into polished accomplishments that made a professional resume. They gave me the confidence to believe I had the necessary skills to successfully gain employment.

Because I started early and secured employment early, it helped take an emotional and financial load off myself and my family.  I have been able to relax, not worry whether I would have a job when I retired.  It enabled my family to spend time together and enjoy things together without being preoccupied with my job search.

My challenges were minor compared to many veterans, particularly wounded warriors and selected others. It is clear to me that programs like Hire Heroes USA are essential to providing the personal and continuing service that many of our veterans need. Thank you for all that you did for me, and for all that you do for current and former military!