Take advantage of opportunities for advancement

Hire Heroes USA understands the challenges involved in transitioning into and achieving civilian career success. That is why we offer as many avenues as possible to make sure you reach that goal. Amongst those resources are career events, which span a wide a range of topics designed to help you understand everything you need to know about choosing the right career for you.

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Where to Start

Choosing the best career path may seem daunting, but, like anything else, the right knowledge can make all the difference. That is why Hire Heroes USA enlists an experienced and motivated group of staff and volunteers to give you the intel on everything involved in making a successful transition into the civilian workforce. In terms of career events, that might mean a virtual career fair, a webinar on a particular career field, a spotlight on a particular employer, a how-to class for spouses looking for employment, or beyond.

Hire Heroes USA hosts these events on a regular basis, and all that is required of you is your registration and attention to take advantage of this effective resource. Our career events calendar is always available to view, complete with in-depth information on each event.