National Volunteer Week Spotlights

As the week of National Volunteer Week comes to a close, it is with great pleasure that we take a moment to pay tribute to the 1,500+ remarkable individuals who volunteer at Hire Heroes USA. For over 16 years, Hire Heroes USA has devoted itself to providing career coaching and employment opportunities to our military veterans and their families. And yet, without the tireless dedication of the volunteers, their success would not have been possible. Whether it is through mentorship conversations or providing networking assistance, the volunteers at Hire Heroes USA have played a crucial role in helping our military heroes make the transition into civilian life. We cannot help but feel immense admiration and gratitude for the selflessness, commitment and kindness that they continue to show to those who have served our country. Here are several of the volunteers we honored this week:

Rookie of the Year – Emily Darin:

We’d like to first recognize our Volunteer Rookie of the Year, Emily Darin! Emily became a volunteer with HHUSA in Sept. 2022, and has hit the ground running! She has already been a mentor to a handful of clients, as well as lent a hand in our incredibly popular IT Webinar Series. Her experience combining Information Technology and Career Coaching has been a great asset to the Volunteer Department. Thank you Emily!

Coach of the Year – Margie Larsson:

We would like to recognize our Volunteer Coach of the Year, Margie Larsson! Margie brings a vast knowledge of Career Consulting to the HHUSA volunteer team, and that experience shows in her mentoring sessions with our clients. The time and effort Margie puts into preparing every Mock Interview, Resume Review, and Salary Negotiation shows in her sessions, and our clients’ job search benefits greatly from it. Thank you Margie!

Teammate of the Year – Ron Lobel:

As a volunteer with HHUSA for the last 6 years, Ron Lobel can best be described as an incredible teammate to the many clients he has mentored. Our Volunteer Teammate of the Year takes it upon himself to not only provide a great mentoring session, but to check in with those individuals he helps to see how their interview went, how their job search is going, and beyond. Ron’s support allows our clients to thrive, which can be seen in James I.’s feedback: “My informational interview/ mock draft/ career insights with Ronald Lobel was transformational and a catalyst for my personal and professional growth.” -James I, US Army”

Thank you Ron!

HHUSA Ambassador – Shawn Himes:

To round out Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want to highlight a volunteer that can be best described as an Ambassador to the Hire Heroes USA mission. Shawn Himes became a volunteer with us in 2014, and has spent these last 9 years uplifting our mission and supporting the organization in a number of ways. Please help us in thanking Shawn for her 640+ hours of services dedicated to our veterans and their families.

During this National Volunteer Week, we want to celebrate and empower each and every one of the exceptional volunteers at Hire Heroes USA. Through their hard work and dedication, they have helped countless veterans and their families overcome the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life. Their unwavering commitment to empowering our military heroes has been a source of inspiration for all of us. Their example serves as a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference in the world, and that one person’s actions can truly transform the lives of many. We hope their stories inspire others to join them in this noble cause, and to continue making a positive impact in their communities.


If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.