Partner in Success: Allisyn Ruttle

When Allisyn joined the Volunteer Team in 2018, she brought a wealth of professional knowledge and a passion to serve:  “I decided to pursue a career in Talent Acquisition because, as I learned through a student job as a peer-to-peer Career Counselor at Pitzer College, there is something fulfilling and profound about guiding someone from one chapter of their lives to another,” Allisyn shared. “Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA allows me to take that notion beyond my 9:00 to 5:00 while giving back to a community that I whole-heartedly respect and admire.” 

Allisyn Ruttle, Hire Heroes USA Volunter

Allisyn grew up surrounded by a spirit of service. “While I’m not a veteran myself, I have a family full of them, Marines in particular. I have a brother and a brother-in-law that are currently active duty, with more than a dozen retired Marines in my extended family,” Allisyn explained. “I am so grateful that services like Hire Heroes USA are available to them should they need it, and it’s the least I can do to do my part when I can to keep Hire Heroes’ mission going in practice.” 

Allisyn has invested 26 hours to help veterans and military spouses find their place in the civilian workforce and answer many, many questions about the ins and outs of the gaming industry from her perspective as a Recruiter at Riot Games. Beyond sharing job search best practices and conducting mock interviews, Allisyn goes deeper to really understand what success means to each individual she works with.

“As a Recruiter, I not only review applications and usher folks through the interview process at Riot Games, but also building relationships with folks by actively listening to their goals and motivations. Being a volunteer Career Counselor with Hire Heroes USA allows me to give back to the community and make a difference while flexing the skills I already have, and listening to the stories and intentions of my clients continues to inspire me as I move into my third year as a volunteer,” Allisyn explained. 

And Allisyn’s insight is in high demand! Many of our clients are interested in the technical and creative intersection of video game design. “There is an obvious bridge between veterans and the gaming industry; veterans love gaming! Because of the highly selective nature of the games industry and the specialized skills involved in most roles in game development in particular, veterans have historically found it challenging to engage with the industry, despite the fact that the population of veterans that play games is unquestionably high,” Allisyn shared. “Most of my clients have dreams of breaking into the video game industry, and a vast majority of those clients had never had the opportunity to learn first-hand from someone already in the industry.” 

Realizing she is a unique position to help, Allisyn shared that “volunteering with Hire Heroes USA has ‘unlocked’ a passion in me to bridge the gap between veterans and the video game industry one client, one conversation, one resume at a time.” For that, we are so grateful.

Thank you for being on our team, Allisyn!

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