Partner in Success: John Tortarolo

“After I retired from a long career in corporate and public sector human resources leadership, I was looking for a volunteer opportunity using my career experience,” John shared. Like many of our dedicated volunteers, John was driven to use the lessons he’d learned to make a difference. Throughout his career, John had interviewed 100s of people and amassed a lot of tips worth passing on. Sharing that advice with veterans and their spouses was an obvious choice: “My father-in-law, a decorated Army lieutenant colonel, was a role model to me, instilling in me an admiration and respect for our armed services,” John said. “ I’ve also looked for ways to thank our veterans for their service, with more than just words.” 

John Tortarolo, Hire Heroes Volunteer

“While researching Hire Heroes USA,” John explained, “I found that volunteers were an essential part of their outreach resources.” And that is true – our volunteers are an extension of our own team, connecting with clients in meaningful ways every day. From narrowing down professional interests to advising on an elevator pitch, volunteers play a critical role in client success. 

What keeps John so passionate about volunteering? “I enjoy and appreciate being able to help veterans engage in their post-service careers,” he answered. John respects that each client he works with is on a different journey. “I research each person’s needs and provide specific information, advice, and suggestions,” he says.  “Most importantly, I listen and make sure they know I’m here to help in any way I can.” His reward? “Their enthusiasm,” John explained, “and the ‘Ahah!’ moments we share when we click on their employment game plan.”

In four short months, John has made a tremendous impact, touching the lives of many and furthering our mission. He has spent nearly 21 hours mentoring veterans in transition and we sincerely appreciate his commitment to our clients’ success.

You can make a difference, too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer today.