Partner Spotlight: How one small business gives back

Partner Spotlight: How one small business gives back

“I love working with Hire Heroes USA because it’s a true partnership,” says Joe Finch, founder and CEO of Recruit Responsibly. Joe has been supporting Hire Heroes USA since the inception of his company in 2016. Recruit Responsibly is an executive recruiting firm with a very unique mission. 

Joe worked in corporate recruiting for over a decade before he had his ‘aha moment.’ He had always wanted to own his own business, helping people and companies find the right employment fit, but also wanted to use this business to make an impact in the community. He thought, “What if we could donate off of our wins? Every time my company succeeds, we could help three other organizations succeed!” After researching nonprofit organizations focused on employment, Joe decided to form relationships with three: People Supporting Employment First, Jobs For The Future, and Hire Heroes USA. He reached out to Hire Heroes USA a few months prior to launching his business. “I was nothing but an idea, and you were rooting for me,” he said. Now, when Recruit Responsibly places a professional into a job, 15% of all fees are donated. To date, Joe and his company have also provided over 600 mentoring sessions for veterans and military spouses through Hire Heroes USA. 

Like many Hire Heroes partners, Joe is more than a donor – he’s a true collaborator in the mission. Because Recruit Responsibly is located in San Diego, Joe has been involved in the Run for Heroes San Diego 5K since it began. He brought his wife, Monica, along with him to run and she was inspired to volunteer by the staff and supporters at the race. Monica now helps out as an official Hire Heroes USA volunteer, offering hours of her time to support veterans and military spouses preparing to enter the civilian workforce. Joe and Monica personify the dedication of Hire Heroes supporters and partners: unique and fully committed. 

When asked why he chose Hire Heroes USA as a partner organization Joe said, “Everyone you meet- whether they are a volunteer, supporter, or staff member, everyone is invested in the organization. It’s such a close-knit company, and they are experiencing a lot of growth, and it is awesome to go along for the ride.” Joe encourages other for-profit companies to get involved with Hire Heroes. He said that the flexibility of the partnerships is one of the greatest parts; his company is able to give what works for them, and he is able to be part of the mission to help empower the veteran community and their families. 

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