Volunteer Spotlight: Allen

Over the years, the Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Department has welcomed a vast array of volunteers onto its team. This includes veterans who have used Hire Heroes USA’s services, individuals who are connected to the military through family members who served, to individuals who may not have any military connection at all—just a passion to show their support. It is always a joy to learn what brought each volunteer to aid in Hire Heroes USA’s mission, and Allen Vance’s story is no different.

Allen began volunteering his time in 2017 and has since become a cornerstone mentor to our many clients interested in the world of information technology. His decades-long experience in the technology world allows him to provide excellent mentorship to any client wanting to learn more about cybersecurity, software development, IT in defense contracting, government, and the list goes on. Allen’s tenure allows him to provide career mentorship with ease, as well as prepare clients for future interviews.

“Allen Vances’ expert knowledge of interviewing techniques was very helpful and prepared me for my behavioral interview. He provided a great deal of feedback and advice on how to negotiate my interview.” – Jamie G., U.S. Army

In 2001, Allen made the choice to give back to his country and found a way to do so by joining the Georgia State Defense Force. This force, solely composed of volunteers, provides support to the National Guard throughout the state, and Allen himself has become a colonel. Although this role already allows him to support our service members, Allen learned about Hire Heroes USA and immediately felt the pull to mentor. When asked why he continues to help the military community, he stated:

“To know that I’m helping veterans find better employment in the civilian world is immensely gratifying. The monthly newsletter lets us know when clients we’ve helped get employed, and it’s always great to see a name I know. In addition, just the experience of interacting with these awesome service members is rewarding in itself.”

In Allen’s current role, he is an advocate for veteran hiring and encourages those around him to make an effort to actively search for service members when conducting job placements. He believes that the experience gained from the military can fit any role, and recruiters and hiring managers should work to make that connection. It is also important for organizations to build out veteran-specific recruiting efforts to allow for an easy transition.

When speaking with Hire Heroes USA clients, he shares a similar message:

“Don’t get too wrapped up in job-specific skills and experiences. Good employers—the ones you want to work for—really do value the things that all successful veterans bring to the table: tenacity, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, and mission focus.”

Allen’s mentorship has instilled confidence in over 60 active-duty service members, veterans, and military spouses. As a result,  many of them found themselves with a job offer after applying Allen’s insight to their job search process. The HHUSA Volunteer Team deeply cherishes the dedication Allen has shown to the military community and we’re thrilled to spotlight his invaluable contributions. 

*Interview conducted by: Sandy Chase

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.