Volunteer Spotlight: Brian

The ever-evolving Information Technology industry has piqued the interest of many clients at Hire Heroes USA in recent years. Our dedicated volunteer team relies heavily on the expertise of our IT professionals to provide exceptional career mentoring and support to these individuals. Among these outstanding volunteers, we proudly showcase Brian Koref as our Volunteer of the Month!

Brian, an Air Force Veteran, joined forces with Hire Heroes USA in 2019 and has since devoted more than 70 hours to mentoring sessions, assisting over 30 clients along their journey. Having walked the path of a veteran himself, he intimately understands the challenges our clients face during their military transition and job search endeavors.

“Fortunately, as a former USAF active duty and reserve Computer Crime Investigator, I “lived” on both sides of the fence as both a military and private sector cyber security professional.  I have both individual contributor and leadership experience and have a lot to offer as both a hands-on practitioner and hiring manager.”

Brian exemplifies a proactive approach by acquainting himself with the career aspirations of each client he encounters, providing them with valuable insights to secure cybersecurity positions. Acknowledging the competitive nature of this industry, he emphasizes the significance of networking and leveraging the skills acquired during their military service.

“In the Cyber Security space, an applicant may compete with potentially over 100 other candidates for the same position.  While the quality and content of the resume is important, the ability to network is key to getting attention.  I highly recommend utilizing LinkedIn, joining professional organizations, attending events, making acquaintances, and keeping in touch with professionals you connect with.”

Brian is a true advocate for our clients, and as a military veteran himself, he sincerely hopes that hiring managers and HR professionals will keep supporting veterans and their spouses. He believes it’s crucial for them to acknowledge the innate abilities veterans possess, which empower them to thrive in any role. We are incredibly grateful to Brian for his dedication and support for the military community!

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.