Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl

Preparing veterans and military spouses for the civilian workforce is very rewarding for Cheryl Jimenez. She dedicates herself to our clients, driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact in their lives. Cheryl’s HR management skills, certifications, respect for the military, and belief in the Hire Heroes USA mission all contribute to our clients’ successful career transitions.

A colleague from Onward to Opportunities (O2O) introduced Cheryl to our organization, when she presented at O2O (Fort Campbell). Servicemembers and military spouses learn how to prepare for employment outside the military through O2O’s partnership with Hire Heroes USA. Cheryl never misses a coaching opportunity to empower veterans and military spouses so they realize their value. She reaffirms that they have incomparable skills, leadership abilities, and a work ethic unmatched in the civilian workforce.

“In return, I’m rewarded by our clients’ increased confidence and their excitement as their next chapter flourishes.”

As a talent acquisition specialist and senior recruiter for LANXESS (a specialty chemicals company that supports veteran recruitment), Cheryl leverages her HR experience to provide tailored guidance and support in all aspects of the job search from both sides of the interview desk. Her initial phone call with clients establishes a baseline, helping to bridge the gap between the skills and experiences veterans possess and their ability to recognize these assets for the civilian workforce.

Cheryl has found that many of the individuals she coaches apply for entry-level positions due to a lack of confidence. After evaluating responses from clients, she walks them through the process, ensuring that they are targeting the right organizations/companies and job titles.

Choosing to volunteer at Hire Heroes USA stems from Cheryl’s deep respect for the sacrifices our veterans and military spouses have made for our country. Having three children who have served our Nation, she’s witnessed challenges created by returning to civilian life.

When Cheryl is asked about a specific client interaction, she mentions Sarah N., who was looking for her next career chapter. While talking about potential opportunities, Cheryl encouraged this veteran to network and build her LinkedIn profile:

“I was most excited that Sarah eventually had two job opportunities. To see her online post shows that she’s accepted her next chapter, ready to achieve success!”

Cheryl will continue her involvement with our organization because she has a great sense of pride when she learns that veterans and military spouses realize their value to a company. Cheryl repeatedly conveys that opportunities are endless.

We’re privileged that Cheryl advocates for jobseekers, helping them connect with professional networks during this critical period of career transition. Cheryl continues to bolster the Hire Heroes USA mission by stressing that prospective employers focus on our clients’ unique skills, including leadership, resilience, and adaptability. Hire Heroes USA is grateful for her support and expertise, consistently demonstrating that our veterans and military spouses significantly enrich their workplaces and communities.

Written by: Sandy Chase

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.