Volunteer Spotlight: Cory

Networking with professionals and rapport-building are integral aspects of any job-searching strategy. Hire Heroes USA volunteer Cory Hamma takes pride in each and every conversation he has with clients and spends just as much time actively listening as he does providing guidance for next best steps.

“The experience of meeting that first client, and all the subsequent clients, has truly been heartwarming and rewarding. I cannot overstate how thankful the clients are for my time and advice, whether I am helping them revise their resume, reviewing their LinkedIn profile, or generally helping them find a direction that suits their personality, interests and experience.”

Cory enjoys frank and honest dialogue with clients about their career path and exploring career options that may not have been on a veteran’s radar.  He works to provide them direction based on his expertise in information security, digital forensics and information technology. His strong and robust professional background that he’s built over the years gives him the ability to relate to clients and understand the reality of charting a successful career path. 

“We talk candidly about networking, education options, certifications, pay expectations, and the difference between what you see on TV and movies versus the actual job experience. It is incredibly rewarding to receive a follow-up email from a client proudly announcing that they interviewed and were hired for a job in their interest area.” 

Cory’s genuine approach to serving his clients and meeting them where they’re at is evident in his client’s gratitude.  We are incredibly thankful for Cory’s dedication, commitment and the heart he leads with on the Hire Heroes USA volunteer team.

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