Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel

When clients use Hire Heroes USA services, they are not just seeking new careers; they are also in the process of transitioning into a new identity—from active service member to veteran. Many are entering the civilian workforce for the first time, and they often need to explore different paths to find their way. This was the case for volunteer Daniel Efthimiou, who began his transition from a 20-year career in the US Army during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Daniel used our services to support his job search, and successfully obtained a role in IT Project Management. He has been helping clients with their own transition as a Hire Heroes USA volunteer ever since.

In every mentoring session, Daniel wholeheartedly immerses himself in the client’s perspective, guiding them through the transition they’re facing with equal parts empathy and support.

“The transition from the military to the civilian realm was a daunting endeavor for me. I channel my apprehensions and personal journey to even the playing field, emphasizing that it’s natural to feel fear, intimidation, and uncertainty while also recognizing the importance of a robust game plan.”

Additionally, as a Project Manager in the IT industry, Daniel aids in a number of hirings for all types of roles. He is aware of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the industry, and helps our clients see themselves in a role that fits their experience. Clients leave a session with Daniel with a wealth of new knowledge.

“My mentoring session was phenomenal and I almost never use that word. The session provided some of the most tangible information and insight I have received thus far during my current pivot. The knowledge, candid feedback and genuine delivery is more than I could have asked for.” -Keith H., U.S. Air Force

Daniel also makes a point to support each client by sharing insight that he learned when he transitioned from the Army:

“A valuable piece of guidance I consistently impart to clients is that their identity transcends the rank they once held or the military occupational specialty they were assigned. While I deeply respect the service of transitioning service members to our nation, there comes a point where the shift to a new career must be embraced.”

Oftentimes, clients face the transition ahead with feelings of confusion and a sense of loss for the life they are leaving behind. Knowing this feeling, Daniel strives to be a voice of support, celebrating every win that comes with their career search. He also encourages clients to give back when they can, and to be that cheerleader for the next service member, veteran, or military spouse.

“Irrespective of your background, departing from the military creates a distinct emptiness. The camaraderie we cultivate while serving our nation is unparalleled elsewhere in the world. As a veteran, I often find myself longing for the connections and bonds forged during my two decades of service. Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA, in my case, addresses that void. Through this endeavor, I’m able to share my personal trials and insights, aiming to guide others toward surpassing my own experiences, ensuring their triumph, and reciprocating the dedication shown by those who have served our remarkable nation.”

Daniel serves as a poignant reminder of the deeply personal journey that accompanies every transition. His selfless commitment ensures that every client who crosses his path not only embraces their new challenge but does so with confidence.

Thank you, Daniel, for embodying the essence of our mission and for all that you do to empower service members, veterans, and military spouses on their remarkable journeys.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.