Volunteer Spotlight: Elfreda

Volunteer Spotlight: Elfreda

Looking for civilian employment can be stressful. For the veterans and military spouses we serve, the weight of leaving military life behind can be overwhelming. As you try to find where you ‘fit’ after you hang up your uniform, it can be difficult to know where to turn next.

“The most rewarding part of being a volunteer is knowing that the person of the other end of the line has some peace and calmness after the conversation.”

Elfreda gets it. She understands the anxiety because she’s been there: after serving in the Air Force for 23 years, Elfreda made the transition to civilian life herself last year. 

Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Elfreda Williams

“I was a client of Hire Heroes and I was very impressed by the knowledge and the sincerity of the volunteers, and I knew that this was an organization I wanted to be a part,” Elfreda explained. And sharing her own experience candidly makes her an incredible support for fellow veterans facing the same uncertainty: “Clients want to hear how you made it through your transition and so I share what I went through after I retired,” she said. 

Retiring from the military means losing more than a job. Our veteran clients leave behind a sense of identity and the camaraderie of the armed forces. One of the most important things volunteers like Elfreda do is remind our clients that they aren’t alone in this next chapter. “I enjoy assisting veterans and providing them with a sense of calmness while letting them know that everything will be okay,” Elfreda shares. Every time she gets on the phone with a Hire Heroes client, she strives to leave them with a sense of peace and a renewed drive to not give up – she believes success is out there for each and every client. 

“As long as we have Veterans in need, I will stay involved in this organization.”

You can make a difference for military spouses and veterans, too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer.