Volunteer Spotlight: Elwyn

Volunteer Spotlight: Elwyn

At Hire Heroes USA, we focus on employment because we believe a successful career transition is essential to laying a stable foundation for life after the military. But there are so many factors beyond salary that make a veteran or military spouse’s new career meaningful – and that matters. Volunteer Elwyn Rainer understands that. 

Elwyn was first introduced to our organization when his company, Humana, Inc., shared a volunteer opportunity.

Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Elwyn Rainer

 “I reviewed the mission of Hire Heroes USA and it reminded me of the years I spent serving with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs,” he explained. In that role, he got to know veterans and their individual stories. He found meaning in building relationships and being able to offer constructive advice from his perspective as an IT professional. “Learning about the goals and aspirations of veterans brought me great joy, as well as being a part of their journey,” he remembers. 

Elwyn jumped at the chance to work with veterans again and joined the Hire Heroes USA volunteer team in July 2020. “The most rewarding part has been helping each veteran or their spouse see the bigger picture of what life could be after the military,” he said. 

Without the rigid structure of a military career, there are new attributes to consider like commute time, the possibility of remote work and the amount of paid time off offered in a benefits package. All of these factors inform which career path would truly suit a veteran and their family well. Wherever they are in their journey, Elwyn reminds every client: “You have value to add and your expertise is important. Know that you have options and can make the best decision when you have all the information in front of you.”

Additionally, Elwyn is able to offer professional insight into two of the most in-demand industries: IT and cybersecurity. In his own words, he focuses on “letting [clients] know that they have options and developing a plan that empowers them to move forward with confidence.” He has provided tangible tools for clients including mock interviews and career counseling, and has even hosted a professional development session for Hire Heroes USA staff members on best practices and tactics for salary negotiation.

He would challenge other professionals to think of ways they could use their experience to serve others. “We all know someone directly or indirectly thinking about what they can do based on their skillset,” he explains. “We as professionals can guide [veterans] in the direction that fits with their expertise.” He further encourages others “to listen to the needs of our veterans and their spouses, as well as show them the way through leveraging the resources that are available.” 

When asked about his commitment to this cause, Elwyn explained that he stays involved “because it is fulfilling as a driven influencer to give back and honor the men and women that have served our country.” Elwyn’s impact has certainly been meaningful to the veterans and military spouses he has worked with. Since he first joined the volunteer team, he has dedicated 28 hours to helping individuals find the next step in their journey. We are incredibly fortunate to count Elwyn as a partner in this mission. 

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.