Volunteer Spotlight: Jeremy

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeremy

One measure of Hire Heroes USA’s impact on its clients is those who return to the organization to give back. Navy Veteran Jeremy Duehring began his journey as a Hire Heroes USA client and moved into the role of a volunteer, offering the same support to veterans and military spouses during their career transitions that he received. 

“When I settled into my first post- Navy job, I was thankful and appreciative for what they all [Hire Heroes USA] did to prepare me,” Jeremy said. “It was an easy decision to want to give back to something that was helpful to me and have the opportunity to become part of something I believed in.”

Jeremy enjoys making connections with fellow veterans and draws on his professional experience in executive coaching and Human Resources. He offers sound guidance in ensuring veterans and military spouses understand their value and that it’s never too early to begin planning for their upcoming transitions.

“It’s is easy to let our internal self-talk and doubt creep in,” Jeremy explained. “It is important to realize that no matter how uncertain this “civilian” future is to us, it’s no more difficult than a deployment, getting a new set of orders to a new duty station, or being a military spouse that suddenly has to do it all themselves without local family support.”

Jeremy believes in the power of connection through volunteering and expanding a job seeker’s network. He wants veterans, military spouses and those championing this population to take advantage of opportunities to connect, educate and learn from one another’s journey.”

“Building a network is the single best way to set up a successful transition,” Jeremy said.

We are grateful to have Jeremy as an outstanding asset on our team of professional volunteers. His passion to give back is evident in how he relates to the veterans and military spouses that he guides. 

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.