Volunteer Spotlight: Jorge

Jorge Riveros has been a guiding light and inspiration for our military members transitioning to civilian and federal sectors. As a volunteer since 2021, Jorge brings a wealth of experience in mentoring, coaching, and leading Federal Employment webinars to empower veterans and their spouses. He teaches us the importance of being preemptive and seizing each opportunity with determination. Jorge lives by a mantra that resonates deeply with our mission:

“Life will always test you. Being proactive, rather than reactive, helps you achieve your objectives, while speaking volumes to your team and those around you.”

Jorge discovered Hire Heroes USA through LinkedIn which ignited his passion to contribute. He shared with us, “Once I saw the value this organization provided to the military community, I had to contribute anything I could from my experience. It was also an opportunity to ‘bust any myths’ because our community is plagued with incorrect information.”

After his service in the Marine Corps, Jorge embarked on a civilian career, initially with the Veterans Health Administration and later transitioning to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a fraud investigator. His journey from the military to the federal workforce underscores a resolve that inspires those he mentors. Jorge’s advice to those we serve is invaluable. He emphasizes the importance of honing interpersonal and conversational skills, including body language, to excel in interviews. He motivates job seekers, particularly those aiming for the federal sector, to start at entry-level positions, pursue training or certification, and climb the career ladder with confidence.

His dedication extends beyond one-on-one mentoring to volunteering with our Federal Team webinars. There, Jorge shares his experiences, lessons learned, and expertise, enriching our mission and expanding our reach: 

“I cherish my speaking engagements. It’s rewarding to provide pertinent information to attendees who are seeking government positions. Hire Heroes USA has been pivotal in expanding my reach to bring value to our military community.”

He also encourages the use of platforms like LinkedIn to support veterans and military spouses in their professional endeavors, highlighting the impact of sharing ‘Open to Work’ statuses and endorsements. This can significantly enhance their visibility to potential employers and broaden their network within the professional community.

Having Jorge on our team is a gift that continually enriches our work at Hire Heroes USA. He exemplifies the profound difference volunteers can make in assisting military veterans and spouses as they transition to the civilian workforce. Through his dedicated volunteerism, Jorge lights the way for countless veterans, embodying the transformative power of service and solidarity.

Interview conducted by: Sandy Chase

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