Volunteer Spotlight: Michael

Confidence and determination are two qualities that every job seeker needs in order to find success in that next career step. Hire Heroes USA volunteer Michael Frank not only helps his clients gain the confidence they need during the application and interview process but also ensures them they have the ability to obtain that job that may feel out of reach. 

“Just because you don’t meet all of the ‘requirements’ listed on a job posting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Employers will rarely find a candidate that meets every requirement but what they are looking for is someone who has shown a capacity and willingness to learn,” said Michael. 

Even though Michael had a smooth transition from the military into the civilian workforce, he had a strong desire to help others in their career transitions. With a background in Cybersecurity, he has been able to offer first-hand knowledge on entering into that career field specifically.

“Cybersecurity is a growing field and is very friendly to veterans and military spouses. I’ve been able to help people who are interested in breaking into the field by laying out tactical steps to build the knowledge base and resume needed to get a foot in the door.”

Michael calls upon both his technical and military background to offer sound advice to veterans looking for that next point of direction. He’s committed to helping clients grow professionally and remains connected to many of them even after they’ve moved into their next career. He knows that support during major life events, like job changes, can be paramount. 

“We’ve all had different experiences in the military that have affected us in our own ways. We all know that transitioning out can be a challenging and lonely time. Those of us that had positive experiences know that it doesn’t happen alone. Volunteering with Hire Heroes USA is an opportunity to give back to the next wave of transitioning veterans and military spouses to achieve similar success.”

Michael’s professionalism and determination to provide support to veterans and military spouses make him an incredible asset to the volunteer team. He’s positively contributing to that next group of transitioning job seekers and embodying what it truly means to turn around and help the next one in line. 

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.