Volunteer Spotlight: Patrick

For our transitioning service members and veterans, there are endless career paths available. A popular option that interests many Hire Heroes USA clients is the federal employment sector. The job search, application, and interview process of this particular journey can be lengthy and confusing. However, with the help of our incredible federal sector volunteers, these questions and worries evolve into confidence that they can land that dream job.

HHUSA Volunteer Patrick Shea excels here, reinforcing his commitment to donate time to Hire Heroes USA:

“I found Hire Heroes USA in my search for resources to navigate USA Jobs and seek federal employment. I found that even as a contracted employee of a federal agency the process was very opaque. I wanted to share my knowledge to help veterans and their spouses continue to serve in the federal government or defense industry.”

Patrick is a helping hand to those navigating the federal interview process or entering salary negotiations for an offered federal position. His insight allows for a clearer understanding of job searching in the public sector and clients leave their mentoring sessions with a tremendous sense of reassurance.

“The most rewarding part of volunteering for me has been working to prepare clients for interviews and helping clients discover that many of the skills they have developed through their service are very applicable to civilian careers. Many clients have never interviewed for a position and may be intimidated as we start the process. I enjoy seeing their confidence grow throughout the session as they realize how much they can add to an organization.”

In his role as a Policy Advisor for the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Patrick is always working to improve the civil-military relationship by helping our veterans find fulfilling roles in government organizations. He reminds our clients that they are provided with a strong sense of community, purpose, and mission, and that it is important to consider these aspects when looking for that future role.

Patrick also believes that anyone can be a great advocate for our transitioning military members:

“You don’t have to be an expert in a civilian field or the job search process to volunteer for Hire Heroes USA. There are needs in a variety of areas and sectors where guidance from a volunteer could make a big impact in the transition for a client.”

Without a doubt, Patrick’s profound expertise in the federal sector has left an indelible impact on each and every client he has supported. We at Hire Heroes USA are immensely grateful to have him as a dedicated volunteer and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to you, Patrick!

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.