Volunteer Spotlight: Phylicia

Time is considered one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century. When volunteer Phylicia Taylor was looking for an organization to donate her time to, she considered factors such as the population she wanted to serve and making a difference in people’s lives without the geographical location being a factor.

“I love that I can provide services to our clients regardless of where I am. I have taken client meetings while traveling for work and even when heading out of town for vacation because everything is coordinated online, and client meetings are conducted over the phone. This allows me to volunteer consistently without my busy schedule interfering.”

When Phylicia began serving at Hire Heroes, she quickly provided a value-add to clientele, making a noticeable difference in their lives. She called upon resources and information that she had acquired in her professional career to give clients insight into their career trajectory, interview preparation and even business start-up guidance. 

“As a college professor at Florida A&M University in the School of Business, a licensed Gallup Strengths coach, and a small business consultant, I use my knowledge to direct clients in developing a plan that will allow them to achieve their goals.”

Phylicia aims to provide tailored services to meet her client’s needs. Her desire is to ensure they walk away from their conversation more confident and prepared to meet their professional goals. Some of the most important guidance she offers her clients in the job search process are: 

“Trust but verify! When pursuing anything new, it is important to always do your research, even when consulting with experts. We often blindly trust the information provided by those in our networks and on the Internet. Still, verifying the information you receive by cross-checking multiple sources, like news outlets, published research journals, and government websites are imperative. Doing so will ensure upfront that clients are making the most informed decision and one that is best for their dreams and goals.”

Hire Heroes is extremely grateful to have Phylicia’s dedication and professional experience on the volunteer team. The impact that she has on her clients is genuine and she’s truly making a difference in each of the lives of the military spouses and veterans to whom she dedicates her time.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.