Volunteer Spotlight: Sergio

“We watch out for our own.”

Working with veterans and military spouses as a Hire Heroes USA volunteer, fellow Army Veteran Sergio Talavera frequently ends of his calls with these words. For Sergio, this creed still drives him to serve other military families following his own transition to civilian employment.

Hire Heroes USA volunteer Sergio Talavera

Sergio first learned about Hire Heroes USA from a co-worker while working as a career counselor for the state of Illinois. In that role, he provided assistance to those facing unemployment and learned how to help job candidates impress employers.  He now works with Indigo Agriculture as a Grain Marketing Specialist, helping farmers achieve sustainability and higher profits. Having worked in real estate and insurance as well, Sergio believes sharing his professional experiences with Hire Heroes USA clients can steer them toward success.

“I don’t want these veterans to stumble with the same simple mistakes I made when I left the service,” Sergio said. “Having someone guide you is invaluable, and I am happy to help.”

Hire Heroes USA volunteers like Sergio offer key guidance to transitioning military, veterans and military spouses. Sergio said receiving the “I-got-the-job” call from Hire Heroes clients he has worked with is easily the most rewarding part of volunteering his time.

“I am grateful for the ability to help them find peace and stability after their service and I am rewarded by their success.”

Sergio, thank you for your investment in the success of Hire Heroes USA clients.

You can make a difference for military spouses and veterans, too. Become a Hire Heroes USA volunteer.