Volunteer Spotlight: Tony

The possibilities of career paths for those in search of a new industry or job are endless. It can be daunting as a job seeker to navigate the plethora of information and options available through the noise. Tony Doster, a Hire Heroes USA volunteer, moved to the career transition support area five years ago and has worked with numerous Veteran Service Organizations. Tony recognized that available resources for those contemplating a more entrepreneurial future were not easy to find. He was driven to serve those who wanted to investigate the process of starting a business while still keeping their options open for employment. 

Tony quickly recognized he could serve those veterans who had the desire to do something different or to position themselves to have as many career options as possible. He has a strong desire to help veterans open the doors to the pathways available to them. 

“I find that witnessing the preserving attitude of the Veterans I speak with has been among the most rewarding experiences for me.  Some of these individuals have worked for years in careers that have been unrewarding – both professionally and financially. While there was frustration in the assessment of their current position, that would not deter them from seeking a better future. 

Then, when I have a discussion with these veterans and military spouses, I appreciate that they want to know about the options that may lay before them. They are willing to learn and use the newer technologies and processes to find a career in the civilian world. They generally acknowledge that while they may be unfairly categorized with their military backgrounds, they must overcome these misconceptions and directly confront all challenges.”

Tony is motivated by the fact that every veteran deserves to realize that their goals for employment or a new business are not unrealistic. He has worn many hats over the years. Tony has experience in both large and small business development, federal and state government, Wall Street, retail,  restaurant ownership, and has also taught as a college instructor. He’s lived in seven states, acquired multiple college degrees and held several professional licenses at various times. This makes Tony especially relatable to the military community. 

“Along with the fact that I am generally curious, conversations come easy. I believe that information is the key to dispelling many unknowns, and that confidence can only come when these fears are addressed.”

Tony’s capacity to see the unique set of skills that each veteran possesses is powerful and has helped many redirect the course of their careers. His incredible ability to truly “see” his clients and offer them just what they need at the right time is an aspect of what brings him joy in serving others. 

“I always get excited whenever I see an email from Hire Heroes USA detailing a volunteer opportunity.  What a treat it is, and a humbling responsibility, to have others share with you an important part of their future! It just feels good to think that perhaps something you can provide will give that veteran or military spouse a more rewarding career.”

Tony’s unwavering heart, tireless hours and consistent dedication to veterans is admirable.  We are deeply grateful for his compassion and character and the impact he has had on the military community.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.