Volunteer Spotlight: Trish


Patricia Holt (Trish) helps our veterans soar as they transition to the civilian workforce. Her respect for the military, dedication to our country, and extensive knowledge about career counseling fuel our clientele’s successful journey. She bolsters their success because she exudes a passion to contribute, patience, and perseverance. 

“I’m proud and honored to be a Hire Heroes USA volunteer. I enjoy coaching others so they and their spouses can transition as civilians. I’m always encouraged when clients tell me that they received a job offer or that job-search strategies were helpful and informative.”

A year before retiring from Boeing in 2021, Trish began sharing with Hire Heroes USA her extensive experience and expertise as an engineer/manager. Having learned about our volunteer opportunities through her workplace community-service webpage, she knew that coaching and sharing insights gained from her career was what she was meant to pursue.

“I was determined to join Hire Heroes USA so I could assist others who gave of themselves to protect our country. When my husband-to-be retired from the Air Force in 1997, no such organization like Hire Heroes USA existed to help streamline the job search.”

Once Trish began volunteering, she coached her two veteran sons who transitioned to the civilian workforce. Trish and her husband stressed networking, especially to their older son. They inspired the younger one to apply to Boeing, encouraging him to review his resume and practice mock interviews, two critical components of career counseling.

Trish fortifies veterans because she instills in them what hiring managers value. At Boeing, she read numerous resumes and conducted extensive interviews, sometimes meeting with job seekers at recruiting events such as Society of Women Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers annual conferences.

The passing of her pet dog, Frankie, also taught Trish that “Patience is crucial, time is valuable, and living in the moment is vital — these are the principles I emphasize during coaching.”

Using a collaborative team approach benefits her, particularly when she demonstrates to clients effective strategies for enhancing their visibility with potential employers. Some of the valuable advice Trish shares during her coaching sessions is:

Use your resume to provide adequate information to spark interest to get the interview, every detail isn’t necessary. Before your interview, practice a brief summary of your background/work experience so you’ll sound confident.

Trish has helped numerous veterans rise to new heights. One retired Air Force client specifically requested that she conduct a mock interview to prepare him for a Boeing Integrated Planning and Scheduling Specialist position at the company’s Defense, Space and Security department. He excelled at the interview and is now a Project Manager. Trish helped instill confidence, saying, “Fasten your seatbelt. You’re about to soar.”   

Trish’s commitment and transformative guidance exemplify the spirit of service and support that is at the heart of our mission at Hire Heroes USA. Her dedication not only inspires our veterans but also enriches our community, making a lasting impact on countless lives. For her passion, perseverance, and invaluable contributions, we extend our deepest gratitude. 

Written by: Sandy Chase

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